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I must say that this is a touch sprising...
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I've teased IAmTim quite a bit about his 'safety orange' Mustang....But I now live in a town where I have seen over a dozen cars the same color...One was even a display truck at a dealership...
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1. Do you own a camera? Describe it:

I own three, actually. A Minolta x370 35mm, a Canon S70 digital, and a Hasselblad 120 format.
The fist is a basic SLR, minimal automation and I've got a couple of extra lenses and accessories for it.
The second is a pretty decent digital camera that we picked up so we could do electronic photos. I've wanted one for some time, but I couldn't swing the funds for the G6.
The last is from my step-gransmother's estate. She was a professional art photographer. It's packed away somewhere at my parent's right now.

2. Do you prefer digital or film?
Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. I don't prefer one over the other, really.

3. When is the last time you posed for a picture?
Last weekend. Someone wanted a pic of the shirt I was wearing.

4. Tell us about your favorite photograph:
Umm...I'd have to go think about this...

5. Use the flash or flash the camera?
Use the flash. I prefer to be behind the lense.

Flyday Fyve
1. What was your first collection?

Probably comic books. The stamp collecting never really took.

2. What have you collected, gotten rid of (or had a parent get rid of) and are now kicking yourself for it?
The 1978 Giant Size Star Wars comic and the Disney graphic novels I had as a kid. I beat the hell out of them...*sigh*

3. What do you collect know?
Sci-fi/fantasy novels mostly.

4. Given a really high budget, what would you collect?
*Really high*? Fine art.

5. You can pick one thing from any museum in the world to be Yours, All Yours. What is it?
Hmmm....One of my favorite Kandinski paintings? The celing of the Sistine Chapel? The Louver's yearly budget?

1.) If you were in a band (you know, a successful one...), and you HAD to remake an old song, what band/song would you choose and why?

There are several Oingo Boingo songs I'd be tempted to cover...But I probably wouldn't.

2.) If you were a Make-a-Wish child, what would you wish for (and why)?
I don't know. They couldn't fufill my biggest wishes.

3.) If you had the chance to learn when you were going to die, would you take it? Would you tell anyone if you knew (either your date of death or theirs)?
Nope and nope.

4.) If you couldn't die until you helped someone, would you rather live forever selfishly or die earlier?
Depends on what sort of condition living forever qualifies as. It would really suck to live forever as a complete invalid. If it were being healthy, I might be selfish for a few extra years and then do something good.

5.) If there's any goal you haven't accomplished yet, what is it and what is stopping you?
Living forever and taking over the world.
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Per Thoughtmaster's orders...
1) What is something I don't know about you that you think I should?
Hmm...That I can warp your mind, twist your spine, and loose the war for the allies. Not to mention I am an incorrigble punster.

2) What is the graphic in your icon?
It's a Jester's face. Jester is a nickname I've had since before I was on the Internet. (Even my parent's don't bat an eye at it.) I found a graphic and heavily modified it in Photoshop. Were it larger, you would see that it looks like it's made of vinyl and the lightning is the naughty twinkle in my eye.

3) What is a book or movie you recommend to most people and why?
Oh, lots of stuff...Anything by Tad Williams, Lois McMaster Bujold, or Terry Prachett. Movies: Rock and Rule, Shakespeare in Love, The Triplets of Belleville.

4) Do you prefer to stand back in the shadows or jump into the limelight?
I will usually operate from the shadows, but I can steal the limelight when necessary.

5) How will you spend the next two weekends?
This weekend: Resting and probably tearing out weeds/bushes from the yard.
Next weekend: I dunno. I haven't made plans yet.

1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I'll reply and give you five questions to answer.
3. You'll update your LJ with the five questions answered.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.
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10 things I have done that no one (or few) other people have done....

1. Gamed with the creator of an RPG and had something of mine incorporated into the next edition. (Teenagers from Outer Space - The Hyperdimensional Popcorn Grenade)
2. Been swimming with sharks, sans cage. (And not unaware of, in a tank, or with a 'harmless' variety.)
3. Shared an elevator with Larry Niven and Alan Dean Foster. Larry and I ended up headed to the same party.
4. Discussed RPG creation with Gary Gygax.
5. Attended the *first* 'Last' Oingo Boingo Halloween Concert. It was my first concert to boot.
6. Saw No Doubt in concert before they git the big time.
7. Performed an emergency ascent from 70' below the surface of the ocean.
8. Been half of the pair people described as the most realistic looking fighters on the field during a battle pageant at faire.
9. Seen the cabin of the Queen Mary that my father came to America on.
10. Had dinner with Vernor Vinge on several occasions.
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1. Describe the last time you were frightened:

Umm...Couldn't tell you. I haven't been properly frightened in a looong time.

2. What does your hair look like?
It's brown with a little gray scattered at the temples. Short.

3. Have you ever dyed your hair a new color?

4. Do you like heights?
Heights are fine. It's only when that potential energy gets converted to kenetic energy that things become a problem.

5. Girl Scout cookies, candy bar sales -- what's the worst fund raising you've had to do?
Er...All of them? I don't do fund-raisers.

1. If you could have anything you wanted to eat for a day, what would you choose for your meals and snacks?

Really good sushi.

2. Is there ever a dish/food or dessert you wanted to try but never had the opportunity, what is it?
Plenty. None come to mind at the moment.

3. What's a dish/food or dessert you've tried that you wish you hadn't?
Gooeyduck clam sushi.

4. Ever watch cooking shows? (i.e. "Great Chefs," "Epicurious," etc.)
All the time. Iron Chef, Good Eats....

5. Are you hungry yet?
Not quite yet.

1. How often do you get tangled in lj-fights?


2. How often does an lj someone make a generally unprovoked for snipe at you?
Hasn't happened yet,

3. Do you belong to any communities with a high drama factor?

4. What's your theory on why there is so much raw rage on the 'net?
It's not that there is more rage online, it's just that the feeling on anonoymity due to not being in person makes people think that they are free from the consequences of their actions, to they are less polite/tactful.

5. Are these high drama interactions a source of amusement or a nuisance?
Usually nuisance, occasionally amusement.
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OK Cupid's love test

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I don't know about you all, but I shall be decending into the depths of geekdom. Three days of being surrounded by the intelligent, creative, socially inept, freaky, geeky world of the Gaming Convention. Yes, boys and girls, I'll be at Orccon, helping to run the Computer Room and causing general mayhem. Things to do tonight: Buy foodstuffs, pack clothes, pack computer, pack gaming supplies, and pack random entertainment bits.
Meanwhile, my better half shall be terrorizing Dismalland with her sister and company. I might just have the better end of the deal. ;>
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It was raining. For those of you who know me in siutu, know that my rain gear primairly consists of a black oilskin duster. I've covered the cape with 1" buttons of various humorous quips and sayings. (Yes, it's +3 Buttonmaille.) One of the users saw it for the first time and did a double take. I chuckeled for a moment, and we discussed it. Then, he gave me a label I've never heard before: "Cowboy Mod"
I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats. ;>
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Name five fictional characters you had childhood crushes on, in no particular order:
Daisy Duke - Dukes of Hazard
Menolly - Harper Hall trilogy, Anne McAffrey
Theora - Max Headroom
Velvet - The Begariad, David Eddings
Tananda - The Myth Series, Robert Asprin

And, since the seem to go together...

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?
(Now post this in your LJ and find out what mine would be)

Comments are screened to protect the guilty...
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Walking from one side of the house to the other, picking up a load of laundry to throw in the washer, and this is what my brain pops up with:
"Things traumatized at 6am should stay traumatized at 6am."

"The workings of your mind are a mystery, Pinky!"


Feb. 11th, 2005 11:57 am
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Bunnies AND muffins!
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The Toy Dolls are one of my (no-so-) guilty musical pleasures. I just heard their rendition of "Livin' La Vida Loca". BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ricky Martin's cheesy song, done over with the Toy Doll's irreverance for slow beats, the lead singer's voice, and kazoos! *wiping a tear* Beautiful.

Bronxelf: You can add this one to that list of suggestions for 'cyberpunk' music.
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...and waking up Sunday morning, weak as a newborn, with the worst case of the flu I've ever had sucks mightily! Today is the first day I've done more then stumble from resting place to bathroom to resting place. At least they plastered the pool today and it's looking great.
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1. I am . . .


2. I was . . .

3. I wish . . .
That I had three more wishes.

4. Someday, I will be . . .
Sane? Grown-up? Naaa....

5. I wish I was still . . .
Going to college.

1. Have you ever tried meditation?


2. Do you pray?

3. Worst nightmare:
Humans with the power to destroy the world.

4. Do trolls live under your bed?
Nope. Trolls live on the Internet.

5. Make a wish:
I wish for three more wishes. ;>

1. How old were you when you got your drivers license?


2. Did you get your own car right away, use the family car, or bum rides from friends?
Yup. A Mercededs 250 that was a year older than I was.

3. What was your first car and what was it like?
See above. It was great, but it wore out to the point where I couldn't afford to fix it.

4. How old were you when you got your first traffic ticket and what happened?
24, I think. It was for speeding. I went to traffic school. It was boring.

5. What is your favorite car story, be it an accident, road trip, etc?
Going on a road trip to COlorado with my family and discovering Barq's Root Beer for the first time. (Before it reached California.) Riding tailgunner in an old station wagon, lying down, drinking two fingers of Barq's, and producing a belch that shakes the car and scares your parental units is a moving experience for a teenage boy. :>
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I'd like to keep this thread alive, if for no other reason than I'd like BronxElf's imput on home decor. :>

In other news, my trip down has been cancelled. Groundings, stubborn teenagers, and costs involved are to blame. I'll be sorry to miss tear down and seeing my Brassie friends. I'll be down two weeks later for Orccon, tho.
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Looks like I will be in the LA area. This means that I can either go out to the Brass Rubbings booth on Saturday, hang out with my other group of friends, or go to Dizneelan'. What are the specifics on the Brass Rubbings goings on?

And in other news, I saw this today, and it reminded me of Am's and Betnoir's recent posts:
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But here is the picture of the newly painted dining room.
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