Feb. 25th, 2005

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1. Do you own a camera? Describe it:

I own three, actually. A Minolta x370 35mm, a Canon S70 digital, and a Hasselblad 120 format.
The fist is a basic SLR, minimal automation and I've got a couple of extra lenses and accessories for it.
The second is a pretty decent digital camera that we picked up so we could do electronic photos. I've wanted one for some time, but I couldn't swing the funds for the G6.
The last is from my step-gransmother's estate. She was a professional art photographer. It's packed away somewhere at my parent's right now.

2. Do you prefer digital or film?
Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. I don't prefer one over the other, really.

3. When is the last time you posed for a picture?
Last weekend. Someone wanted a pic of the shirt I was wearing.

4. Tell us about your favorite photograph:
Umm...I'd have to go think about this...

5. Use the flash or flash the camera?
Use the flash. I prefer to be behind the lense.

Flyday Fyve
1. What was your first collection?

Probably comic books. The stamp collecting never really took.

2. What have you collected, gotten rid of (or had a parent get rid of) and are now kicking yourself for it?
The 1978 Giant Size Star Wars comic and the Disney graphic novels I had as a kid. I beat the hell out of them...*sigh*

3. What do you collect know?
Sci-fi/fantasy novels mostly.

4. Given a really high budget, what would you collect?
*Really high*? Fine art.

5. You can pick one thing from any museum in the world to be Yours, All Yours. What is it?
Hmmm....One of my favorite Kandinski paintings? The celing of the Sistine Chapel? The Louver's yearly budget?

1.) If you were in a band (you know, a successful one...), and you HAD to remake an old song, what band/song would you choose and why?

There are several Oingo Boingo songs I'd be tempted to cover...But I probably wouldn't.

2.) If you were a Make-a-Wish child, what would you wish for (and why)?
I don't know. They couldn't fufill my biggest wishes.

3.) If you had the chance to learn when you were going to die, would you take it? Would you tell anyone if you knew (either your date of death or theirs)?
Nope and nope.

4.) If you couldn't die until you helped someone, would you rather live forever selfishly or die earlier?
Depends on what sort of condition living forever qualifies as. It would really suck to live forever as a complete invalid. If it were being healthy, I might be selfish for a few extra years and then do something good.

5.) If there's any goal you haven't accomplished yet, what is it and what is stopping you?
Living forever and taking over the world.
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I've teased IAmTim quite a bit about his 'safety orange' Mustang....But I now live in a town where I have seen over a dozen cars the same color...One was even a display truck at a dealership...
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I must say that this is a touch sprising...
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