Jan. 31st, 2005

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...when on a rainy Friday, you leave work and are greeted by the sun shining under the clouds, and it creates an big, bright double rainbow over the fields you're driving by. Nothing blocking the view. :>

Well, okay, I spent most of the weekend working. Now that the office is in service, it was time to return the dining room to it's full dining room status. In this case, it meant painting it. Textured walls were fine, but it was time to get ris of the awful stencling and the plain off-white. Thus, Lowe's was ordered to supply us with colorful paint. Well, perhaps that's a bit of an understatement. The dining room is now red. I mean *RED*. The shade is Cut Ruby, and that's a pretty good description. It looks very nice with the Honey Maple furniture. The paint was followed up by figuring out to hang the immense mirror we bought in Morrow Bay. The thing weighs in the neighborhood of a hundred pounds, so it was studs or nothing. Unfortunately, 15" between studs doesn't quite work with 28.5" of mirror. Creative solutions to the rescue! Another trip to Lowe's to get a section of oak, heavy-duty wood screwes, some bolts, and some tee nuts. Now, the mirror hangs very nicely in the room. :> I'll put up a picture later tonight.

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