Jan. 4th, 2005

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1. What did you learn from your parents?
All sorts of things. Values, habits, styles, speach, family relationships....
I'm one of those people who largely believes in the 'nurture' mode of personality development.

2. What things did your parents argue about when you were little?
Not all that much. Money now and then...How to deal with me after I was especially creatively naughty. ;>

3. Who is the most serious person in your family?
Well, up until October, I would have said it was my Uncle Bill, but then I saw him dance the Time Warp...So, I'm not so sure anymore. My entire family has a sense of humor....Posthumously, I would give the award to my grandfather on my mother's side.

4. What family member do you take after the most?
I think I am about 30% my mother, 30% my father, and 40% my own person.

5. Has anyone in your family been divorced?
Nope. Not one that I gnow of. Freakish, isn't it. We're the family that the GOP keeps talking about when they speak of "Family Values." Well, except that we're almost all strong liberals. ;>
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...or not....

After reading Nasagrl's bit at DizNeeLan', I am thinking that Tyma and I should go back. And we should grabb Lessa, Jimmy, Shinyevil, and BrassyTrouble to go with us. Yo! Yo! Toonsied!

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